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Woodgrove Digital Engineering P⁄L has been providing computer, PLC and microprocessor based software for the Industrial Automation Industry, with particular emphasis in the area of Warehouse Automation, since 1983.

Screen dump of the Juke Box window, of the music play-back
     system, known as The mUser

In order to satisfy my needs for a software package which can make intelligent selections from a large CD collection (600 to 6000 discs) I developed the package that I call “The mUser”. I knew that no one else would write such a package, as the current fashion to aimed at simplicity.

The software loads music from CDs, compresses this music, and stores it to hard disc. It then plays this music back; The main crux of the software is selecting which music to play back.

The software attempts to provide music, when desired, according to who is listening and what they like to hear when. It tries to maintain a maximum variety in what it selects to play by looking for songs which not have been played for a while, yet not neglecting recent acquisitions.

Whist aimed, primarily, at the family situation, it would also be suitable for businesses such as gyms and cafés, enabling the proprietors to automatically have different styles of music at different times of the day, to suit their clientelle. For example, a gym might find that their early morning clients are mostly active adults, requiring something high-energy but not too contemporary. Later in the day, more mature clients would prefer music to enjoy as they work out at their own pace. In the evening and night, they're likely to have a younger set wanting high-energy contemporary music. “The mUser” can provide this without having to subject its audience to repetitive playlists.

Among the driving forces behind the creation of this software, are the desires to have all your music conveniently at your fingertips, and to minimise squabbles over what gets played, especially at breakfast time. In order to help with the squabbles, the system displays for whom each selection is played and maintains a history of the last eighty selections, along with an indication of for whom each selection was played.

The software also allows you to choose a song or an album to play, and to create a programme of songs for a special occasion, such as a party. It also provides a Juke Box interface for use at the party to allow guests to choose songs to play without requiring instruction.

We also have a software package for the selection of “The vUser”s.

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