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Hindsight Safety Factor


This electronic item allows an employee to present himself with standard questions, of his employer's design, to which he must, either, answer all in the affirmative in order to be allowed to proceed with the task (this configuration we call the “Safety Quiz”) or, else, answer yes or no depending upon whether the consideration applies to what he is about to undertake, then, for each question that he answers in the affirmative, he is presented with the appropriate advice (this configuration we call the “Golden Rules”).

We originally designed a circuit to implement this device, however, we then decided that it would be better to provide the device as an application that can be run on a smartphone.

After a set of questions have been answered on a mobile phone, the answers are sent, via the Internet, to a website where they are added to an SQL-compatible database. This database may be either shared by your own database programs local to that server (given that the server is on your business's intranet) or else interrogated from your business's computer.

All this is demonstrated in the “H.E.A.D” Demonstration.

So far we have developed the application for the Android and Symbian mobile phone operating systems, and are preparing applications for BlackBerry and iPhone.

The mobile phone application may be programmed to ask its questions in any language.